Boredom has taken over

happy to see a new post here after ages eh ??? me too 😛

been kinda busy. busy being bored actually. too bored that i couldnt think of anything to blog upon.

wht was my last post … oh yeah exams.. my first year exams got over. i better not speak abt it and hope you wont ask anythin abt it :-D. after that had 2 weeks vacation, during which hmm… nothin much happened. then 2nd year started. been a month now… and well… nothing happend

classes are more borin than ever. like everyone else, i can also be found sleepin in the class. and i sleep a lot in the hostel too. now got tired of sleeping…. and bored…. yeah BORED

hmmm… prolly by now u know why i haven’t posted anythin here for a while and might not for another short while 😀

till then…. adios

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