Boredom has taken over

happy to see a new post here after ages eh ??? me too šŸ˜›

been kinda busy. busy being bored actually. too bored that i couldnt think of anything to blog upon.

wht was my last post … oh yeah exams.. my first year exams got over. i better not speak abt it and hope you wont ask anythin abt it :-D. after that had 2 weeks vacation, during which hmm… nothin much happened. then 2nd year started. been a month now… and well… nothing happend

classes are more borin than ever. like everyone else, i can also be found sleepin in the class. and i sleep a lot in the hostel too. now got tired of sleeping…. and bored…. yeah BORED

hmmm… prolly by now u know why i haven’t posted anythin here for a while and might not for another short while šŸ˜€

till then…. adios

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  1. hehe
    same here. nothing is happening in my life šŸ˜¦ me too bored of my stupid classes.
    i have bunked my accountancy classes for 3 days in a row :p who’ll wake up at 6.15 AM ?? that sucks! Today I woke up at 10 :p (:|

    have happy boring ahead šŸ˜€

  2. hmmmm and what about ur W810i?

  3. its in good condition. had installed flash themes, new drivers for the camera and acoustics as well. now that patches are available, gonna try them out too

  4. Oh! You moved here? Hmm… Waiting for you to post more posts!!

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