FM station in calicut

I never thought this would happen, but fortunately it did. The first private FM station of the city as well as the state launched and started broadcasting on 29th november,2007. They provide 24×7 mallu music. Its owned by the manorama group, the owners of the state’s most read newspaper, malayala manorama and also runs a news channel, manorama news.

Oh. I almost forgot. The name of the channel is RadioMango (lol. what a name !!)

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Change your Yahoo Messenger status to the song you are listening in WMP

After a lot of searching i finally found a way to do this for Y!M

MessengerData Plugin

This is a Windows Media Player plugin that sits in the background whenever Windows Media Player is loaded and sets the status message of a logged on user in Yahoo Messenger (if loaded) to the current playing audio/video.

read more and download the plugin here

To change the Gtalk status to the song being played in windows media player ,

in windows media player, goto view–>plugins–>options

From the Category section of the Plug-ins tab, select ‘Background.’
Select the ‘Google Talk Music Plugin’ checkbox.
Click ‘OK.’
Restart Windows Media Player for changes to take place.


Update : Link updated. Apparently geocities was closed down and i forgot the file was on geocities. The plugin is an old one and might not work on new versions of Y!Mesenger.

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all set for the new look

After half a decade, my house is going to be painted. The work has already begun and is going well 🙂 There wont be any new colours though or rather any colours at all. The entire house would be painted WHITE much to my dislikes. I suggested to use some colours for the outsides but nobody agreed. I asked to give some colours to my room atleast. Nobody pretended to have even heard that.

Oh well… i gotta be satisfied with what i get. This sucks 😦

Paint and brushes

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does title matter ?

seems like i did forget this place. thanks to the reminders from the millions of readers 😀 i remember about this place.

been a couple of months since my last post. quite a lot of things happened since then. so many things. too many that i don’t remember what they even where.

One thing i remember is that another semester of my engg. life has come to an end. the sem exam dates haven’t been announced yet. same is the case with my first year results. but who cares 😛

Been watching a lot of movies lately. not the brand new ones though, speaking of which i’ve booked tickets for Om Shanti Om. (deepika )

well… not much time to waste.


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