BSNL Datone Automatic Dialling

Ever since BSNL increased their speeds to upto 2Mbps, the home 500 series plans have become the best for downloads. Tired of waking up at 2 AM ? why not schedule your downloads then ?

If you have set your connection such that you have to dial it then read on. if your connection is such that you just have to reboot your router, see this

I’m assuming that you are using windows and IDM. needn’t necessarily be IDM. you can use any download/torrent manager that can schedule downloads. That part is upto you. I’ll just explain only how to dial the connection.

First go to internet options from control panel. navigate to the connections tab and select the radio button that says never dial a connection. apply changes.

next, open notepad and type

rasdial <connection_name> <username> <password>

for eg, if your connection name is BSNL_BB, username is vysakh and password is 123456, then use rasdial BSNL_BB vysakh 123456

save  the file as “dial.bat” (you can use any name ofcourse. just make sure you save it as a .bat file and not as a .txt file. hence use the quotes.)

open notepad again and type

rasdial <connection_name> /disconnect

for eg. rasdial BSNL_BB /disconnect

save this file as “disconnect.bat” now go to scheduled tasks (from control panel or from start menu) and click on Add scheduled tasks

The wizard will open up. click next and it shows a whole lot of programs which we are least bothered about. click browse and find the dial.bat and select it. select daily and set the time as 02:05  and click next, enter your username and password (not the connection’s, but your windows’)

if you get an access denied error, then double click the task from the task list and check Run only if logged on

Similarly, do the same for disconnect.bat and set the time as 07:55

BSNL’s timing is quite weird. so to be on a safer side, use 2:05 and 7:55 and not 2:00 and 8:00

Now schedule the download at 2:06 in your download manager and thats it. 🙂

Just keep your system on, preferably with the user logged on and your download manager running in the background. Retire to bed. Your computer  will automatically dial the connection at 2:05. the download manger will then start the download process a minute later and when its 7:55 you will get disconnected and so downloads would stop.

There you go, life made much more simple. Any queries/doubts, feel free to ask.


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  1. With lot of experimenting, I’ve discovered that you can safely leave your connection on till 8:00. I’ve not been so successful at finding out the time to connect… Came down to an interval between 2:04 and 2:06.

  2. no,not tired of waking up at 2 a.m.

  3. i want to change my password of broad band.Please state me the sequence

  4. […] my DataOne connection to UL 750.  Bye bye 2mbps, welcome home 256kbps   No more automatic dialing […]

  5. My Bsnl BroadBand Connection is not working properly can u help me pls….. i want the quick replay from u i hope u will do…

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