9 worst things in life

I wanted this to be 10 worst things in life but couldn’t find a 10th one 😦 So here goes the list :

9. Zero Balance

8. Public Toilets

7. Missing Someone

6. News Channels

5. ISP Downtimes

4. Results

3. Diarrhoea

2. Power Cuts

1. Loneliness

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  1. Huh?

  2. “CRAP” – LOL!
    Bloody good name for a blog!

    Great post!!!

    • thanks 🙂

  3. 10. using firefox 😀

    • it’s pretty easy actually

      • sucks nevertheless

  4. @Raghav thanks 😀

    @unitechy LOL. 🙂

  5. 10. Idiotic neighbours (eg: http://sathyabh.at/2008/05/09/i-wanna-listen-to-music/ )

  6. no such neighbours, so far atleast 😀
    mebbe my neighbours would be having me in their lists

  7. Heheh.

  8. when are you updating? 😉

  9. bluemoon

  10. I so agree with #6!

  11. the worst things in life is being alive…

    • not really

  12. This is so not a list of worse things what about war and the things people have done to our world!!

    • who said it is ?

  13. The worst thing in life is wasted talent.

    • partly true

  14. @ violet: Yeah? well:

    Zero balance = war…..I believe hitler was completely bonkers, let alone off balance.

    Have you ever battled with your siblings at home for who gets the toilet first? Yeah? then its a positive war for public toilets!

    There wouldnt be a war if you didnt miss that someone you were aiming your gun at.

    Its been predicted that the next world war is between barkha dutt and navjot sidhu.

    ISP downtimes are because of the sabotage attempts on each others’ networks in the ISPs’ secret wars on one another.

    War between parents and children? blame results.

    Diarrhoea…the war between the human will and his rebellious intestine…the things it makes people do….oh th horror!

    Power cuts? war against boredom!!

    Loneliness…..people start wars because they are lonely and want some attention.

    So there.

    @author: worst things in life #10: Sitting alone in a public toilet, missing the toilet bowl by a wide radius because of diarrhoea contracted due to fear of results, while its raining a flood outside with no power, no balance, no network, no internet and news of the same blaring on a transistor radio.

    • lol. awesome reply to violet *_*

      BTW, that shouldn’t be #10. more like #1

  15. List is okay except number 6 🙂

    • naa. they’re utter nonsense.

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