You all must have heard of the recent most recent petrol hike.  It hasn’t been even 30 days before the previous hike.  True, the international prices are increasing, but why not decrease the taxes and duties ? WHY WHY WHY ?

With the world ending in 2012, i don’t want to go back to bicycles or buses 😦

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First Crash

Ever since i bought a bike, people have been asking when my first crash would be. Unfortunately, now i have a valid answer 😐

on its 55th day, on a Thursday the 13th, while i was cruising to the college, some bitch (around 30 years old and still doesn’t know how to cross the road) jumped out of nowhere onto the road, looking only at the other side. My reflexes were good, but not good enough to avoid a crash. Collided with her at around 10-15kmph. She fell, my bike fell and I fell. I was okay 🙂 She had a scratch on her arm (who cares). But the bike :(. The headlight was broken. The numberplate was bent. Scratches on the handle bar, indicator, clutch lever… etc.  So much for not having a crash guard 😐 Weird as it seems, the indicator only had a scratch while the headlamp assembly was broken.

Nearly Headless

Unlucky number 13.  Guess I have to start believing in numerology now.

Hoping not to see any more of these idiots on the road.

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first online purchase

Finally made an online purchase.

Though i’ve been living online for ages, one thing i had never done was purchasing something online. The main reason was that i never had a credit card or a debit card. Got a debit card some months ago but then the account was empty :D. One day, I got a 125Rs gift voucher from ebay and so decided to buy something just to have an experience of online purchasing. Ordered something and it got delivered within 3 days.  🙂

Looking forward to more free gift vouchers 😀

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Useless thing


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