A rollercoaster day

I’ll skip the introduction.

Just like another Monday, late as usual, I left home for college. Filled in some 200 bucks worth petrol from the nearby bunk and reached college pretty fast. Something felt weird and I realized my wallet was missing. Thought it must have fallen down when i got off the bike and went back to the parking area but it wasn’t there. Asked the security guard but no luck. It was gone. 700 odd bucks (the first time i had that much money in the wallet πŸ˜€ ), 2 ATM cards, a couple of passport sized photos and most importantly the original driving license (of which i have no copy πŸ˜€ ) was all gone. Fuck.
Forget the money. forget the ATM cards. They are useless without the pin. The driving license was the original one and i had no copy with me. Getting a duplicate was a pain in the ass and would take weeks. A license and a photo are good enough to get a SIM card and cause all sorts of unwanted trouble. Pretty scary.

Traced back my path slowly with eyes scanning the road and the sides. Came back all the way but still no luck. The only place i had stopped was the petrol bunk. Asked the personnel there but they hadn’t found any. Gave them my number hoping they’d find it somewhere.

With all hopes lost, i made up my mind to apply for the duplicate. Had no idea how the procedure was and so called up the driving school where i had taken my license from. After i said my name he asked if i had lost my license. I was dumbstruck. How the heck did he know ? Did he find it? :O He said he was busy now and asked me to meet him in the evening. But he sounded like he is used to getting these sorts of calls from people who lose their license. fuck.

Driving without license was a punishable offense but i wasn’t bothered. Or more like i was too sad to even think about it. Anyway, went to the driving school and talked to the person. He gave me a number and said he has no idea whose number it is, but he had my license. I was like WTF and then my mind went blank. I must have stood motionless for a while because when i regained my senses the guy was shouting and waving in front of my face. Thanked him and called the number and bla bla bla.

Had to go to some remote part of the city which i barely knew existed. In fact had to call him some 5 or 6 more times asking for directions to his home. He got frustrated as well and said he’d wait at the only bus stop in that area. Lucky enough i found a bus and followed it and finally found him. He was a man in his fifties and probably a politician, judging by his white khadi shirt. Gave him details of whatever was in the wallet. Also showed him my ID card as an address proof. He was satisfied and gave me the wallet and truckloads of advice. Oh an by the way, he was an MLA of that region (never heard his name before πŸ˜€ ). He found the wallet somewhere on the road in the city, and from my address, he contacted the police station who after some exhaustive search gave him details of my driving school.

The wallet was in good condition, with all stuff in it. I mean nothing was lost. NOTHING. The driving license, the ATM cards, the photos, the money and even junk like bills and old ATM receipts were still in it. I was expecting only the license and maybe the ATM cards too but this was a bonus. Gave him a million thanks. He jokingly said he wanted some sort of a treat. I was up for it but he laughingly turned it down and then said I was lucky. Indeed I was. Never knew such good people still exist, and that too among politicians !

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