oh well

Before you start, let me warn you, this is the longest post i have ever made. This is longer than my average university exam answer and does not include any lyrics or cricket/football commentary.

Getting to the incident, it was Tuesday the 15th, the day after Valentine’s day. It was a off day on account of Miladi Sherif (or something of the sort). I spent most of the day watching tv and random videos on youtube. Got bored and at evening i set out on my bike with my cam. My only intention was to get some night shots of my bike with some light trails in the background. So i rode slowly looking out for the best place i could get. Had rode for around 70km from my home till i finally decided upon a spot. No, I didn’t go that far. A lot of circling and one ways and unsatisfactory spots made up the distance. I must have been like only 10km away from home at that moment šŸ˜€ Anyways, I enjoyed the ride. Also remember having tweeted this at around 7:30 pm

combined two of my new passions. Rode some 60km just to get some good snaps of my bike. #showoff

It was dark enough and the traffic was right about perfect. Not too less to hardly get a light trail, and not too much to get too many. Those long exposure shots were pretty difficult and I said to myself that I should get a tripod soon. Even though keeping the cam on the floor kept it steady, the button click would cause a slight shake in the beginning. Some shots got ruined but in the end I did get to manage some awesome shots. šŸ˜€ I always think all my shots are awesome so it was no surprise :P. Satisfied, I congratulated myself and started for home. The road was awesome and straight and i wanted to take to the top speed but it was cold and since I was wearing only a T-Shirt (above the waist, duh) I was shivering even at 50kmph.

The first time I saw the scene in a movie, I loved it. Thought it would be way it really happens. But as the scenes got repeated in many movies I started feeling it was lame and impossible BUT…

There were some vague noises. Loads of people talking to each other but nothing was clear. I had the feeling I was moving upwards. I slowly opened my eyes and I saw a tubelight moving down. I actually had tried opening them swift but for some reason they opened only in slow motion. My eyes closed automatically. WTF. I opened them again. This time too it happened in slow motion. And this time i saw a ceiling fan. My eyes closed automatically, again. No No, It can’t be happening, i thought. Opened my eyes once again and saw a nurse holding a glucose bottle and by the looks of it, she was running. In fact she wasn’t the only one around. I was being carried on a stretcher. FUCK, I said as loud as I could. Nobody budged. Probably my lips never moved and no sound was made when I shouted, or tried to shout. Oh well.

I opened my eyes once again and there i saw it on the walls the words OPERATION THEATRE and an arrow. To make things worse, I was moving (being moved) in that direction. What have I done ?

I tried memorizing. It wasn’t easy, not by any means when there are a million questions running through your head. The question that struck me the most was why was I being carried to the operation theatre. I tried moving my body part by part. toes, no. legs, no. arms, no. fingers, no. neck no. mouth, no. eyes, yes. WTF. Was i paralyzed? I felt I would faint any moment. But I didn’t. Thoughts kept running. I tried concentrating on why I was in a hospital and memorizing. I had faint memories of riding. I probably had an accident. But how bad was it? I closed my eyes

I felt like the movement process has stopped. I was probably in the operation theatre now. Within no time I felt like I was being carried physically. I mean like people were holding my legs and arms and carrying me, probably to another bed (of the operation theatre). In fact it was some sort of a bed or a table. Wait a second. I felt those touches on my arms and legs. So I wasn’t paralyzed afterall. I opened my eyes and I saw a lamp a few feet above me. Suddenly it lit, almost blinding me. Everything went bright at first and then dark.

I felt something piercing just a few millimetres above my left eye. Gwad. It was painful. I probably woke up from sleep/unconsciousness because of that sudden pain. I opened my eyes and saw a syringe being taken off. WTF. That was like millimetres near my eye. Why would someone inject me there. My eyes closed automatically again. Next I felt another such injection, this time below my eye. WTF. I wanted to get up and shout What the Fuck is wrong with you people but I could hardly move. Everything became dark, again.

I could feel something piercing above my eye and followed by something pulling the skin. It was painful but didn’t hurt as much as the injections. Somebody was doing it as occasionally I could feel a hand touching my face. This repeated a few times and later below the eye too.

Where am I? Somehow those words echoed of my mouth. I was unsure if anyone heard it but I got a reply. A female voice (probably the nurse/doc) said I’m in a hospital and my face is being patched up. Great. I thought to myself. Every time I felt being pierced I asked if it was the last one. She always replied it was. At one point I asked how many stitches have been made so far. She said a few. They’ve been piercing my face for so long (or so I thought). I asked 30 ? She laughed.

I felt someone lifting my arm and rubbing near my elbow with some cotton and some liquid. It hurt pretty bad. Felt like they had poured boiling oil on my arm (No, i’ve never touched boiling oil. Just assuming) . Somehow opened my eyes to see a lot of blood and hardly any skin around my elbow (from almost near my armpits to a little further down the elbow). Next thing I felt was was them tying a cloth or bandage over the place and it felt good. No sarcasm there, it really felt good.

After a while I woke up and I was in my casualty ward. My parents, cousin and two of my uncles were there. On seeing me awake they all started asking questions. I listened to none and asked what happened. Got to know I had an accident (pretty obvious) and so and so place and I was in so and so hospital. Was taken initially to the Radioactive room or whatever for X-Rays. The operation theatre direction was simply a false alarm. The X-Rays revealed I had no fractures (phew). After that I was taken to some room and my face was patched up. There were 13 stitches, all of them on my face, all withing, 1 sq cm around my left eye. They did some small checkup on the eye. It had no damage and no scratches on the lens either. I was speechless because I simply didn’t know what to say. I was also told that the injury was probably caused by my helmet’s visor. A CT scan was in due and somebody had gone to call the operator or whatever.

I tried memorizing and concentrating on how/when the accident happened. As much as I remember I was going pretty slow. Probably somebody hit me. Also occurred to me that the place where the crash took place wasn’t on the route I was taking (the way home that is)

News arrived that the operator/doctor has come and I was carried to the CT scan thingy and put on the machine. Had seen this CT scan thingy only on TV. A big tube that keeps rotating and you go into it. Actually I was pretty excited šŸ˜€ Slowly i started moving into the tube. However they stopped as soon as my head was in the tube. I was disappointed and asked why. He said only my head needed to be scanned. oh well.

The sun had risen by then and the CT scan reports had arrived. (the reports didn’t take long to arrive, just that i saw sunlight through a window). The reports said I had no problems whatsoever. I was good to go.

Within minutes, I got more updates about the crash. It was caused by a cyclist. I almost fainted. A cyclist caused all this? I couldn’t fucking believe it. How could a cyclist cause such a lot of damage. A truck or a bus or at least a car would’ve sounded cool šŸ˜€ but a fucking cyclist. Damn. He had spoken to my relatives when they told him I didn’t remember anything. In his words, he was crossing the road and in fact had reached the end of the road when I suddenly appeared out of nowhere, at a really high speed !! Sudden braking caused me to skid and hit the cycle and then I went to hit a concrete post on the roadside. He had jumped out(or got thrown out) when the collision took place and so had only minor injuries. He repeated it was my fault as I was over speeding. Indeed, the road was fucking straight and you could see well over a mile ahead. I must’ve been traveling at 2500 odd kmph to have covered a mile in a second. I said I wasn’t speeding and I remember that but he said all young people say the same bla bla bla. Everyone believed him. Bloody Son of a bitch had started to speak only after realizing I had no memory of the incident and he kept his ass clean for what I’m sure must’ve been his mistake. I wanted to argue but I couldn’t move much, nor could I raise my voice. Finally everyone accepted it was my mistake.

Anyways, I was happy I didn’t break any bones or lose any teeth. Except for my face and my right arm, I was unhurt. Nothing unusual, because thats what usually happens when you have a crash at high speeds šŸ˜

The irony is, I was wearing a helmet as the only sort of protection, and the only serious injury I had was on my face. (BTW, my helmet is a fully covered one, covers even the chin and I always lock it up). The helmet hasn’t broken into pieces. Only the visor had broken. Again, signs of a high speed crash šŸ˜ Gotta find some bulletproof glass visors now. Oh well.

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  1. […] case you are wondering which week, it is the week after this […]

  2. Dude… seriously… i hope ur better now and recovering fast… i was so excited to start reading about your photography and was expecting those photos… but an accident… phew!!!

    Good to see that you have the second head “helmet” always on… pls do continue to do so…

  3. šŸ™‚
    I’m alright now šŸ™‚

    I always wear a helmet when I ride. The only time I didn’t was when I had gone to get a haircut šŸ˜€

  4. how are you know. sounds really scary and the worse thing is the blame game which people play after an accident.

    • i’m fine now šŸ™‚ , except for the scars šŸ˜€

      yep, the blame game totally sucks. wish there was an eye-witness šŸ˜¦

  5. […] Valentine’s day passed with me being single as usual (forever alone). Very next day I got a Valentine’s day gift.Ā  I still have the marks on my face. Bike needed a new headlight (again). But the Yamaha ASS […]

  6. Woah! Memory loss of a pretty large scale! Scary. How are the wounds now? Particularly the ones on the face.

    • a pretty ugly scar near the eye šŸ™‚

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