the week that followed

In case you are wondering which week, it is the week after this happened.

The first two days went quick. really quick. Thanks to pencilin and other antibiotics I was sleeping most of the time. In fact as much as 40 hours in 2 days. Usually I sleep towards my sides i.e. on my shoulders. But my right arm was plastered, and the left side of my face was plastered too. So all that sleeping was done on my back and my back started aching. Talk about irony of sleeping.

Meanwhile I was getting some royal treatment. Food and water was brought to me all the time. Had lots of visitors, who brought fruits and other stuff. I had to get up from bed only for the bathroom. lol. In fact this continued for a week.

Since my right arm was plastered around the elbow region, I couldn’t bend it. This meant I was forced to being a leftie for a few days. It wasn’t particularly tough because I didn’t have to do anything that required too much power or grip.

For the first few days I couldn’t open my left eye for long. In fact even after some 5 minutes I could feel some pain around the eye and it would water up. But after some 5 days or so I could keep it open for upto half an hour. I remember watching India’s match against Bangladesh. Was sitting in front of the TV with eyes closed, listening to the commentary. Would open them only when the crowd makes a lot of noise or goes totally silent. Thank goodness for instant replays 😀

I was told I could remove the stitches after a week and so exactly after a week, went to the hospital to get them removed. The nurses had no mercy at all. Assholes. First they they took all the bandages on the face as if they’re tearing some movie poster from a wall. That did hurt. Then they cut the stitches. That hurt even more. What hurt the most was when they took the bandage from my arm. It was a big long wound (not deep though) and it probably hadn’t healed completely. The nurse took it off in a flash as if she was waxing me or something. It hurt so bad that if voice had come out of my mouth, everyone in the state would’ve heard me. It hurt THAT bad. Probably by far the highest amount of pain I had gone through in my life. I so badly wanted to kick the nurse but she was lucky she was on my side and near my head. damn.

Took a few minutes for me to get back to myself. Got back home. Could open the left eye completely now and for longer periods of time. So its TV/computer/sleep 24×7

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