Should stop facebooking

Sick of facebook. Even stalking and poking random girls have become boring now. Had been this way for months now but kept logging in only because many of my friends have only been hit by the facebook bug in 2011 (some of them still log into orkut once a while).
People have started rejecting calls but leave messages or post on my wall. Heights.

P.S. The term facebooking came from a friend who replied to “what are you up to these days!”

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It’s the 5th already, way roo late to wish you all a happy new year. So no new year greetings to all you CRAP readers.
Like everyone else, new year gives me a chance to look back at the things that happened in the previous year.

2011 started in great style for me with an awesome midnight party followed by a two day trip to wayanad, which was awesomer(or even more awesome (or whatever)). They say well begun is half done. My case was much different. 2011 was the worst year I had ever had.

In January itself I had my first bike crash. It was a minor one which left me uninjured buy bike needed a new headlight assembly. Valentine’s day passed with me being single as usual (forever alone). Very next day I got a Valentine’s day gift.  I still have the marks on my face. 😀 Bike needed a new headlight (again). But the Yamaha ASS mechanics did a slow but good job and the bike was as good as new. Petrol prices kept increasing almost every month, making things difficult but somehow coped with it, driving like uncles. At one point I got over 62kmpl.on my FZ which even the Yamaha folks wouldn’t believe.
2011 wasn’t a good year for academics either. Thanks to good grades in the previous semester, he CGPA was still close to an 8 :D. However, life, in general, continued to be dull boring and uneventful. For many weekends, the only thing I did apart from the daily stuff ws play counterstrike online, sometimes upto 15 hours a day.

Call it luck or whatever, I got an opportunity to do a 1 year internship at a big big IT firm (no sarcasm). And so now I’m  in Bangalore enjoying (not really) corporate life. The work is good, working environment is good and the pay is good too (considering I’m still a college student). Most importantly, there is job satisfaction, the magic factor. Office is fun at times, but life has become monotonous (on weekdays). The only relief is whatever amount of time I’m awake on weekends.
Money kept flowing from the pocket at the same rate at which it got filled in. But then, it did feel awesome to spend self-earned money (only the first time though). I’m no longer dependent on others for money (hey, last week of a month doesn’t count)
Met some new people, lost contact with a few good ones and stayed away from a lot of assholes.
Still support Manchester united.
Got an SE Xperia Arc S (gift from bro). It’s my first android device and I’m loving every bit if it. In fact this post is from my phone, which is the first time ever I’ve done such a thing. Bla bla bla….
Enough for now. Hoping to have a good year ahead. If you’re lucky you might have one too.

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