YouTube stuff

Just a list of some of the YouTube channels i am subscribed to.

Equals Three equals3logo

Hosted by Ray William Johnson, this channel is the most subscribed channel on YouTube and has accumulated over a billion and a half views. Each of his videos has over 5 million views and his videos are always present among the most viewed videos of the day, week or month. Basically, he reviews viral videos, but the way he does it is amazing. Do check it out.

Just For Laughs JFLlogo

Remember the Just For Laughs : Gags on TV? Its the same shit. There are over 2500 videos on this channel. For those who have no idea, these are videos where they play pranks on real people; sober ones that can be aired on national TV. Every one of their video makes you laugh.

Annoying Orange AnnoyingOrangelogo

Don’t worry, its not you that ‘Orange’ annoys. Set in a kitchen, things revolve around an Orange and other friends and vegetables. Sounds kinda lame but you will be hooked to the channel once you watch a video. Updated every friday.

Philip DeFranco Show PDSlogo

In his words, “This isn’t really a show, it’s just me talking about some of the stuff in the news that matters to me,” and thats what he exactly does. If you have similar tastes with him, you’d love this.

What The Buck Show WhatTheBucklogo

In terms of content, this is similar to the Philip De Franco show. But this guy is gay and there’s a lot of gayness in all his videos (no, not gayporn). Some of the news he reviews are really lame but does a great job otherwise. This guy may not be as awesome as Neil Patrick Harris, but does a good job.

Peter Chao PeterChaologo

Similar to the above two but this guy is Asian and his presentation is much different from the previous two. The guy always wears shades and has the most amazing laugh sound EVER. Rarely do these channels have the same news, so do not ignore this one.

DragTimesInfo dragtimesinfologo

Into cars and bikes? Love drag racing? This is the right channel for you. The language is Russian but who gives a damn when these engineering marvels race against each other and their multi cylinder exhaust notes AREN’T cut off by some background music?

FastLaneDaily fastlanedailylogo

News from the automobile world, presented by DerekD in the best possible way. This is one news channel you won’t mind watching.

Friday Night Cranks FNClogo

Prank calls on every friday, live. Awesome stuff. You could learn a thing or two here, if you know what I mean 😉


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