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Recently shifted to a new place. This is the 3rd house in 14 months. Guess I’ll save all the good stuff for later and tell all the million readers story of the 3 houses.

House 1

This house was perfect. Good location – was pretty much close to the most happening places in the city and was located pretty much near the center of the city. Accessibility was the best advantage here. City buses ply almost 24×7 along the road near the house and the frequency of buses was almost 1 in 5 minutes. Almost all places (at least the ones that matter) could be reached within 2 hops from this place. Using public transport as reference because, it is green. Nothing to do with the fact that I don’t have my own vehicle and autos and cabs are fucking expensive. All goods/services were available within a 200 metre radius from this house. Hotels and Restaurants of various cuisines and styles ranging from extremely economic to a 5 star one, pizza, burger and fried chicken joints, all sorta grocery shops in addition to 2 supermarkets, few textile and cloth brands, booze, bla bla bla. In short, almost everything that you need is available within 5 min walking distance. Some hotels were open late night, even up to 4 am. The roads were clean and dust free. There were trees on the roadside and the footpath was pretty wide. Had walked on that footpath almost every other day because it was so awesome and not because of the eye-candy chicks and MILFs that would walk their pugs in the evenings. Heaven right ?  (more…)

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