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Recently shifted to a new place. This is the 3rd house in 14 months. Guess I’ll save all the good stuff for later and tell all the million readers story of the 3 houses.

House 1

This house was perfect. Good location – was pretty much close to the most happening places in the city and was located pretty much near the center of the city. Accessibility was the best advantage here. City buses ply almost 24×7 along the road near the house and the frequency of buses was almost 1 in 5 minutes. Almost all places (at least the ones that matter) could be reached within 2 hops from this place. Using public transport as reference because, it is green. Nothing to do with the fact that I don’t have my own vehicle and autos and cabs are fucking expensive. All goods/services were available within a 200 metre radius from this house. Hotels and Restaurants of various cuisines and styles ranging from extremely economic to a 5 star one, pizza, burger and fried chicken joints, all sorta grocery shops in addition to 2 supermarkets, few textile and cloth brands, booze, bla bla bla. In short, almost everything that you need is available within 5 min walking distance. Some hotels were open late night, even up to 4 am. The roads were clean and dust free. There were trees on the roadside and the footpath was pretty wide. Had walked on that footpath almost every other day because it was so awesome and not because of the eye-candy chicks and MILFs that would walk their pugs in the evenings. Heaven right ? 

There was also an airport nearby. Not a commercial one, a govt. owned one, used for testing the various flights used/to be used by the air force. Since the airport was quite close, if I went up to the terrace and did a 5 metre jump, i could probably have touched the plane. Also they do things like flying upside down or rotation about its own axis, flying straight up a mile, turn off the engine , wait for it to reach 10 metre close to the ground, turn it on and fly avoiding houses and humans. Was quite a treat to watch. The last one was probably an exaggeration, but it would’ve been awesome, right ? This house was a 3 storey independent house with a terrace on top of that. No jaw dropping stuff, each floor was at max 300 sq.ft. The house was less than 5cm close to sharing a wall with the house nearby. Even a tennis ball wouldn’t fit the gap between the two houses. (yes, i tried that. It was red coloured ball, one made by ‘Vicky’).

The rent was reasonable and somewhat cheap compared to the rent of rest of the houses in that area. The owner had installed an inverter and  during our 11 month stay there only twice did we run out of the inverter back up. There was corporation water supply connection and water did come to that underground tank everyday, even when most places in the city/district were having water shortage problems during peak summer. Also the water bill was always 83 rupees, irrespective of the amount of water used. The owner had also installed an automatic motor mechanism and so we never had to switch on the motor. It’d do it on its own when the overhead tank reaches a certain point, and stops when it reaches another certain point. Best landlord ever, right ? But that Bitch of a Son didn’t want to extend the house agreement after its tenure was over even though we were such good tenants that none of our neighbours had anything to complain about. Still wish I could go back to that place and that house in particular.

House 2

This one was quite close to the office. 4km to be exact. yes exact. Not even a nanometer more. or less. But this place was so far and cut off from the city that it falls doesn’t even fall under the urban area. The house was like 100m from the main road. Buses and cabs were available almost all the time from that road. Company cabs, not metered cabs.  I am so cheap. The house was in a proper layout with each plot having compound walls. This house too was an independent one (although we were rented only the ground floor). It was quite spacious. The hall was bigger than an entire floor of the previous home. This was the first house where i saw the interiors painted royal blue. Some of the rooms were painted in 3 colours. Though zero watt, bulbs of different colours were already in place. In short, the house was colourful. Not sure if the owner was trying to imitate a disco. The owner said there would be water shortage in the summer and water tankers would have to be brought. Still, decided to move in, considering the proximity to the office. After moving in, took a walk in the neighbourhood. There were lots of shops and hotels nearby, which is a good thing, but there was something crazy. The various kinds of shops in decreasing order were – medical shops/chemists/clinics, workshops, saloon/hairdressers/spa, hotels/restaurants, bar/liquorshops, kindergarten/daycarecentre

Clearly, humans and vehicles weren’t particularly healthy in this region. Also the rate of hair growth was quite high there.  And there was a large number of drunkards and kids. Water tankers had to be called a day in advance. Learnt it the hard way. But it had its own advantages. You don’t have to wash dishes, clothes, yourself or attend nature’s calls. When it rains, you even go out with a soap and can bath and wash your clothes simultaneously and in the public. The neighbours would think either you are a psychopath or you come from a desert, right? Wrong. The neighbours too are in the same ship and know what exactly you’re up to. You could do rainwater harvesting alternately. Dogs here aren’t scary and they don’t get scared either. Some even don’t respond to pushes and kicks. The area was generally dry, arid and dusty. The place did get really chilly on certain nights. Desert like climate and more importantly water shortage got on the nerves quite regularly and the better option was to leave the place (than adjust), which we did.

House 3
This one was HUGE compared to the previous ones. Easily over 2000 sq. ft. This one is int he 3rd floor of an uncompleted (looks like it has been stopped) apartment project. The main entrance to the building was never made. The only entry to the building is through the basement. Though small and slow, the lift works. Anywho, this flat was a semi furnished one with 3 useless balconies, one of them featuring a giant honey bee nest. Some friends had already been living in this place for a couple of months and we decided to join them. This meant cable TV, internet, and other essential stuff were already there, the biggest being a washing machine (not physically big. No the TV is not physically bigger than the washing machine).  Quite a difference that makes (yes the washing machine). The place is around half a km off the main road and construction works are going along the way and the ‘road’ has never seen tarmac. That meant highly uneven and dusty roads, unfortunately. The rent was affordable and considering the size of the apartment, it is quite cheap.  Moving in was a long and tiring process despite the lift. This place looks good and hopefully there won’t be a house 4 anytime soon.

Wow, that was one giant ass post. If you’ve been stalking me, you probably know it took me a couple of days to write this post. I almost fainted and gained a lot of self-esteem seeing the word count.  Also, this post is such that there is no continuation between two sentences. Maybe I typed them the proper way and ctrl-x ctrl-v ed them. Or maybe I typed the this way. You’d never know. About the title, I could not think of anything and there were 34 posts published prior to this. #36 would be posted soon. Teehee

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