What happened to pens?

The other day, I had to fill a form for something. Nothing much, just the name, email ID and phone number. I took the pen, held it, started to write my name and it felt awkward. Totally awkward. I couldn’t even get to grip the pen properly. Then I thought about it.

Back in school too, I had this problem when I was away from a pen for a while. Sometimes, it would be awkward on Mondays when I don’t use the pen at all on the weekend. Handwritings would be different after the mid term breaks. Things would be much worse after the summer breaks. The first few pages of every book would have a handwriting totally different from my usual one. At times, I’d open a book, see the first few pages and cross check the name slip to see if the book was indeed mine.

I used to be fond of pens and writing. I used to check stationary shops if new pens had arrived and buy them. I used to know the prices of pens and their refills. I liked to write too. Not the writer/author kind of writing, just scribbling something. While I study, I’d memorise things and write them down to make sure that thing has got into my brain cells. Of course, these things stopped as soon as I got out of school.

Back to the current scene, I couldn’t even get to write my name properly. In the past year and a half I had used pens only to sign credit/debit card swipe receipts and to scratch my back. I don’t even remember the last time I bought a pen. (Had bought one as a gift for someone a few months back, but that doesn’t count). I’m guessing 2-3 years.

Pens are being phased out from this world completely. Every use of the pen is being replaced by electronic media. Students are recording lectures instead of taking notes, exams are electronic, assignments are .doc files, application forms are .php files, even small hotels and shops have a bill printer, people don’t do the rubber-pen thingy on small kids anymore and pen fight is an extinct game. Damn, miss those old days.

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