Distance from Bangalore : 90km

The route’s boring for the most part. NH7 -> Airport road, devanallhi, go past Nandi Hills, past Chikaballapur up to Perasandra. Have to take a left at Perasandra. This is a tricky one as there are no boards and you’ve to rely on Maps. I missed the exit, but as I was on a bike, could merge on to the service road through a narrow gully instead of going a few kms ahead. Anyway, the roads are butter smooth up until this point. No potholes, no patch work repairs, no unevenness, nothing. Both sides of the road are somewhat deserted land making the roads extremely boring and sleepy. You hardly have vehicles to overtake or vehicles overtaking you.

Once you take a left at Perasandra, the roads become almost non-existent for a kilometre or two. So many potholes that there’s no way you can go through this stretch even at city speed limits. There’s a diversion to the left, and then it’s pretty much straight roads. The road seemed to be laid somewhat recent. It was pretty black and smooth. Not too wide, but a car and a bike can squeeze through at the same time. ¬†Around 9kms and you’ll reach a small town. Take a right and then immediately a left and then it’s straight roads all the way to the hilltop.

The last stretch of the hilltop is concrete paved. Slightly widened by a couple of feet on either sides by interlocked tiles. Outside that there are umm… mini concrete pillars (something like milestones only a feet tall) all the way up top. Road is wide enough for two cars at a time. A couple of hairpins. The concrete road is uneven. Up top, there’s space to park bikes. People park cars on the roadside too. Heavier cars might slide so stones are kept beneath the wheels to prevent that.

The climb begins. Steps are laid out from the rock stones. There are about 200-300 steps in total spread over small stretches. There’s a temple on the way and loads of monkeys. Crossing this stretch on a day when the crowd is small, like a weekday, is tricky. They try to snatch your phones, cameras or whatever is in your hand, so be careful. Once the steps are done you reach a viewpoint kinda thingy. The view from there is pretty good. Hills all over.

There’s another viewpoint which is a few metres further down, but there’s no direct or paved path. Will have to climb down the rocks, holding the rocks or the few tree branches on the way. Theoretically dangerous, but nothing to worry. Anyone should be able to do this. Would need both hands to hold on, so wore the helmet during this descend. Once you reach the point, there’s a small pond and near it the rock stretches out on to the cliff and makes for a very good photo point. On weekends there’s queue to take photos at this spot. Thankfully the day I went, the crowd was okay and nobody spend and eternity clicking photos although it felt like it. The place does get warm/hot pretty quick, so start the return journey as soon as you’re done.

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