Sigh. Studies reaching nowhere. seems i’ll have to do something like this for the exams

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Back here ? Maybe

So finally CRAP is back to where it all started – at wordpress.

I’m still an opera fanboy but the opera blog sucks and i’m fed up of deleting those ads by spammers. hope this place is better.

Hmmm… so… its been a while. I was at home for the past two weeks coz it was the so called study leave. Obviously i turned it into a fortnight holiday and have studied nothing. well… almost. Just a few more days and my first year exams will begin and here i am online, creating a new blog, posting bla bla bla… and theres a whole lot to study, much more than i can imagine.

wonder why i dont have the mood to study anything. Perhaps i’ll have after the results of this exam are announced 😐

It wasn’t my fault that my memory is 1 bit and can study only one subject at a time. Indeed i’m in trouble as there are quite a few subjects. Blame the university for having put so many subjects in the syllabus. At least they could’ve put a better time table for the exams with sufficient days leave between them rather than a lot of leaves before the exams.


Anywez, gotta study as little much as i can so that i dont carry any backpapers to the next year.


So long then..

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