Boredom has struck yet again

Still in the ‘bored’ stage. Nothing to do all day. My routine has been {wake up in the middle of the afternoon, (eat, check mail, facebook, a couple of forums) until late late night ,sleep} for the past couple of weeks. Sigh.

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Short trip to Wayanad

Finally i did a solo trip. Not really sure if you could call it a trip but still, its the first time I had gone over 100km on my own πŸ˜€

One thing about this was that i really had no plan whatsoever as i was still in the run-in period. The past week has generally been boring with no college (Sem break) and with friends who want to do nothing but sleep. And today morning i thought i would just pay a visit to one of my friends. He was a gadget freak and wanted to see my new cam. So i took my bike, helmet as my only safety gear (not even shoes πŸ˜€ ) and started off. As i was in the run-in period i didn’t dare cross the 4k rpm limit. I was enjoying driving at a constant speed of around 50kmph looking at theΒ  buildings, people, chicks πŸ˜€ …etc as buses and cars buzzed past me. After a while I crossed a petrol bunk and that’s when it occurred to me that I was on reserve and after the next bunk (around 2km) there’s not one for at least 10km, which i wasn’t sure i would reach. So i had my mind set on the next bunk and was heading, along NH212 (a 2 lane highway, which was single lane at times πŸ˜€ ) and I saw a signboard that saidΒ Thusharagiri Waterfalls 48km

It was one place i had always wanted to go. One of my friends had gone there not so long ago and he had said that the place was awesome but the roads were not in good condition and it was a really really steep uphill ride. I was confused as I had read somewhere that during the run-in we shouldn’t strain the engine much by riding in steep slopes etc. I had a cam with me and thought “what the hell, its now or never πŸ˜€ ” and decided to head for the waterfalls. Reached the bunk within a couple of minutes, filled some petrol and continued.

At Kunnamangalam, the road split into two and even though i could reach the place through either, I decided to go along the NH as it MIGHT be shorter. I went ahead and was steady cruising at ~50kmph.Β  The roads were empty and i wanted to go faster but my self control kicked in and was limiting me. Took a while and i breezed past Koduvally, Omassery, Thamarassery… The route i knew was to take a diversion from Adivarom.

Post Thamarassery, the roads weren’t really good. potholes every now and then, newer laid tarmac washed off, showing the older tarmac (but still accounts for a bumpy ride). After a few kilometers, the roads were really empty. There was no vehicle or no pedestrian for miles and there was a disturbing silence. I was worried if i had taken a wrong turn somewhere but nevertheless continued to move on. There wasn’t even a sign board or even any indicator saying where i was or if the road was a highway or a nearest town or whatever … It took a few kilometers to find a human soul and he assured me i was on the right track.

I went on and reached Adivarom and took a diversion and a signboard along the road said, Thusharagiri, 9.5km. I was excited. After a couple of kilometers, the road got really narrow and really really steep. On one side it was a cliff. I was on 2nd or 3rd gear and occassionaly a 1st or 4th for about 7km from there. After some time, the road got even narrower. Now even 2 bikes couldn’t go along it. It looked like it was a way to some house. About 200metres later, i had to stop as it was the way to a house. There was a kid and i asked him about the waterfalls. He said i should’ve taken the diversion about half a km back. So i went back about half a km, saw a junction and realized why I had taken this route instead of the right one. There was really no road there. It was just stones. Even soil hadn’t been put on it to make it driveable. I enquired and an elderly man said that was the route but there was absolutely no way i was going along that path. About 2km of stones. The only route now was to go back to Kunnamangalam and take the diversion there.

Disappointed, i decided to return. Had the luxury of turning off the engine though. It was really really steep and i was using the front brake all the time. Within a second of leaving the brake pedal i would hit speed of 60. Though the downhill journey didn’t consume any fuel and took lesser time, it needed more concentration πŸ˜€

Reached back the diversion i had taken at Adivarom. It was the starting point of the famous Thamarassery churam (ghats). I had never driven along the ghats and with the disappointment on missing out the waterfalls, i decided to climb up the ghats to Wayanad. And so i started with the ghats. The roads at the bottom were really good. I was relieved but that didn’t last long. The roads got really bad. At hairpins the roads had broken off completely and the dust was flying all over causing visibilty problems as well. Even though i had the fully covered helmet, dust somehow got into my eyes and i had to stop to get that out. Except for 2 hairpins (which have concrete/bricks laid down) out of the 9 everything else was in pitiable condition.

A much needed break was taken at the 3rd hairpin (I think). Took a couple of snaps. There was a stream of water which some nice people had connected to a hose. Washed my face and it felt really great. The water was really cold too.

After around 5 mins i started off and continued uphill. There were these red faced monkeys all along the road causing havoc to the drivers. Wanted to take a snap but couldn’t stop anywhere along these ghats as the roads were pretty narrow and constant traffic. The KSRTC bus drivers were really nice in these roads. After a couple of hairpins when i found a little place where i could park my bike, i did and took some snaps. Had to take this break because of the dust which had gotten into my eye. I was getting stares from almost all the vehicles. Dunno if was the bike or whether it was me. ( At 5’7″ and 55kg, I look like a schoolkid πŸ˜€ ).

I went ahead and as soon as the hairpins were over and the roads just got better. The tarmac was newly laid and the lines were newly painted. I did spot a couple of roadrollers and tar barrels nearby. So probably the ghats would be repaired within a couple of weeks. Now that i’ve covered the ghats i thought of taking a U turn and heading back but then i came across this.

Just for my sake i went a hundred metres more, took the U turn and headed back. As the ghats started i again had the luxury of turning off the engine and moving, for about 12km. Had a funny feeling when i was overtaking lorries and buses with the engine turned off πŸ˜€

Stopped at a view point for a break. More like i had to as the butt started aching in πŸ˜€ .Β  There were some mobile shops there selling all kinda snacks and refreshments. I had an ice-cream and had a chat with one of the shopkeepers.

Started off again but stopped as soon as i saw …a small waterfall kinda thingy :D. took few snaps and went on

Finally after about 10more km i reached Adivarom and finally turned on the engine. It roared and i was excited but then again self control kicked in and limited me to 4000rpm. Damn this self control. It never comes when i want it but comes whenever I don’t want it :D.

Reached Thamarassery. Needed another break for my butt and so i stopped at a sugarcane-juice dweller. Took 2 glasses and a couple of snaps.

After that it was non-stop back home. (around 50km). My butt and neck kept asking for breaks. Occasionally I’d stand up or shift to the pillion seat and drive. Both felt good and gave relief but was drawing unwanted attention which kinda freaked me out πŸ˜€

Reached back home. 136km.Β  The bike still felt good and probably didn’t feel strained. The engine wasn’t hot. I could keep my bare hands on it for over 10 seconds. Had absolutely no vibrations at all anywhere. No pain in the arms,Β  shoulders.Β  back, legs or feet. Slight pain in the butt (which was gone after 5 mins) and some slight pain on the neck (back side of the neck), probably caused by the helmet (which i felt was getting heavier with every km). Guess that’s pretty less for someone on his first 100km+ trip πŸ˜€

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