First update for the year

First of all, a very belated happy new year. 😀

Nothing much about this post. Just to let you all know that CRAP is not dead. Got a bunch of days off on account of study leave as university exams are coming up, and here I am, online for about 14 hours a day and sleeping the remaining 10.

Summary of events since my last update :  😀

  • Upgraded my DataOne connection to UL 750.  Bye bye 2mbps, welcome home 256kbps 😦  No more automatic dialing though.
  • New SIM.  Airtel Sucks. Good Riddance
  • Manchester United are Champions of England, Champions of Europe and Champions of the World.
  • Watched a whole lotta movies (WALL-E was great)
  • Ghajini becomes Bollywood’s Biggest blockbuster ever
  • 6 pack abs 😀 😀 (ghajini inspired)
  • No Haircuts since August. Hair hasn’t grown all that long though. Had done a ghajini style the last time 😛
  • Played NFS:UG2, Far Cry and FIFA 07 AGAIN.
  • Into 6th sem
  • Nothing happened on Valentine’s day 😦
  • Great celebrations at hostel for New Year and Hostel Day. Enjoyed a lot
  • Almost broke up with a friend, and mended up a broken one.
  • Still on the old PC with 40GB HDD and no DVD-RW. It has been full for a while and that means no more Downloads.
  • Completed 50 100 150 days without CRAPdating.
  • The Dark Knight grossed over 1 billion $ Worldwide
  • Rasul Pookutty, a mallu (yay) won an academy award.
  • AR Rahman, wont two academy awards.
  • Slumdog Millionaire won 8. Happy for it but this year’s academy sucked for snubbing The Dark Knight and WALL-E

Guess thats all i can think of for now. Be Back soon (hopefully)

Hope Utd beats Mourinho’s Men